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#XLakes – 17 December 2012 – Race Report


1st Male Team : Momsen 4:50:13

1st Female Team : Merrell Ladies 5:33:05

1st Mixed Team : Merrell Mixed 4:56:04

1st Solo Male : Danie Leonard 5:16:35

1st Solo Female : Jeannie Bomford-Dreyer 5:32:29

Final Results : Link

Photo Album Links: Album shared Suzie Giliomee  &

Random photos   &  X Lakes Prizegiving 17 December 2012  &

X Lakes – Photos by Caryn Munting

Photos by Rudy Koen

Experience of event by participant David Fox (No 47) : Link

Race Report

The inaugural X Lakes Summer took place on 17 December 2012 and what a day! Already during registration the day before at Tapas, there was a buzz of excitement present and from all the questions one thing was clear, everybody was looking forward to it, but not sure what to expect.

The day started early for the Chain Gang Events team with marshals being picked up and dropped at various transitions points from as early as 04:00 AM. The day promised to be a beautiful day and at sunrise it was an amazing sight to see the paddlers at the Wilderness lagoon and all the cyclists starting to assemble at the Start at Saasveld. The final tally of entrants were 32 teams and 18 solos.

The race started and very early on we realised that we had an extraordinary group of athletes present, as all the predicted times for athletes arriving at the transition points were blown out of the water! The first two transitions went by very quickly and the support crews had to be on their best to be ahead of their athletes. We will definitely look at a more practical solution in the next additions. The field started to stretch out after Pine Lake Marina and we rushed to the finish to await the winning teams.

The wait was not long and after 4:50:13 the 1st Male Team: Momsen (Timo Cooper -cycle & Jotham van Tonder – paddle) powered over the finish line. Not long after the 1st Mixed Team: Team Merrell Mixed (Ben Giliomee – cycle & Kaylie Beers – paddle) crossed the finish line in 4:56:04. The scariest of all is that the combined age of the first two teams are 39 and 32 respectively with Ben having his birthday on the day! Multi sport in South Africa definitely have a bright future.

Our first Solo Male, Danie Leonard, gave the teams a real fright and finished in very strong 5:16:35 (5th overall).  Jeannie Bomford-Dreyer, 1st Solo Female, pipped the 1st Female Team: Merrell Ladies (Nicola Giliomee – cycle & Tracey Almirall – paddle) by finishing overall 9th with a time of 5:32:29 and the Merrell Ladies in 5:33:05.

In total 32 teams and 16 Solos finished the first X lakes Summer in very forgiving, although warm conditions. Thank you to all the support teams that made the day for the athletes possible. A big gratitude from me to all of the Chain Gang Events team and our volunteers. A thank you from the athletes and Chain Gang Events team to the landowners that went out of their way to assist us. Lastly, but not the least, I want to thank the sponsors that gave prizes and products and believe that they will keep supporting us to make these events possible.


(Race Director)

X Lakes Sponsors

2 comments on “#XLakes – 17 December 2012 – Race Report

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    • chaingangevents
      December 21, 2012

      Bryan, thank you for the endorsement in your race review and I believe that it will certainly help to attract even more athletes to take on the future editions of the X Lakes. Regards. Juan

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