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Kingfisher 2013 MTB Marathon – Race Report

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The Kingfisher MTB Marathon for 2013 was a huge success. We are certain that we will eventually catch the weather perfect and manage to have an even bigger turn-out in 2014.

In total we had 421 riders that took part with 97 cyclists that completed the 70km, 239 completed the 40km and 85 riders that did the 20km. In our eyes everyone that took part was a winner, but some were a bit faster than the rest and they were:

1st Man – Gert Heyns (02:30:02)
1st Lady – Andrea Huser (03:01:49)

1st Man – Frans Grotepass (01:32:29)
1st Lady – Mikayla Oliver (01:55:10)

1st Man – Dominic Miller (00:45:01)
1st Lady – Nadia van Niekerk (00:55:07)

The complete results can be found at the following link: Kingfisher 2013 MTB results

The inaugeral Kingfisher Trail Run also took place on the Friday before the MTB race and we want to thank you to Jake Growther and Johan Potgieter for organising it. 76 Trail runners completed the beautifull 14km route and the results can be found at the following link: Kingfisher 2013 Trail Run

There are also official pictures of the MTB event available by visiting the site to sign in, enter with email address: and Password: kingfisher. The pictures are in the folder: “Kingfisher MTB race 2013” and sorted by race number.

The race organizers would like to extend a huge Thank You to all our Sponsors and to the many people and agencies that contribute their time, money, products and access to their beautiful properties.

The following for cash sponsorships: Lancewood Cheese (Main Sponsor), Chas Everitt (medals), Peugeot, Caltex N2, The Girls/Flava Café, Pomodoros and the Blue Olive .

The following for access to the properties that the bike rides and Trail Run traverse: Cape Pine, SANParks, Lakes Eco Estate, Jake Crowther (Oakhurst Farm), Peter Leppan (Mandalay Farm) and the Gerber Boerdery Trust (Slanghoek).

The following for products and services sponsored: Chain Gang Events, Peri Scaffolding, Coca-Cola SABCO George, Parmalat, Tekkie Town, Squirt, Hoekwil Hardware, Medi-Clinic George, Wilderness Pharmacy,Medi-Centre Pharmacy, Dr Jon Morley, Pick n Pay (Garden Route Mall), Mamalicious, Luigis Butchery and Golden Harvest .

And Thank You to all the many prize-sponsors and finally, the parents and teachers of Hoekwil Primary School .

The organizers would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you cyclists for your valued support! The money raised from this event plays a vital role in keeping Hoekwil Primary going forward and for paying our teachers’ salaries. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2014 – for an even bigger & better Kingfisher MTB and with a bit of luck: a sunny one!

2 comments on “Kingfisher 2013 MTB Marathon – Race Report

  1. Ruth
    April 5, 2013

    Thank you for an excellent race! It was a great route and the rain only made it that little more interesting!

    The only hiccup for me was my husband nearly had a head on collision with a white bakkie. It was one of the last downhill sections of the race, he had run the trail run the evening before and knew what to expect, he wanted to get a little acceleration for the uphill that followed the downhill and just as he went around the corner, there was a bakkie driving slowly against the flow of the race. He skidded and slid off his bike for a couple of meters and was lucky to walk away uninjured. The bakkie driver did not stop, but another cyclist also ended up in the bushes as a result of the bakkie.

    I am not sure of the protocol, but I am sure that the bakkie was not meant to be travelling against the flow of the race, specially not at a dangerous corner and maybe it if they needed to go somewhere, someone could have guided them around that specific corner as a safety measure?

    This will not stop us from participating in future events, but just a little feedback on the safety as there were plenty of little ones doing the 20km race who were less experienced!

    Sorry to post this on the blog, but I could not find an email address.

    • chaingangevents
      April 8, 2013

      Hi Ruth, thank you for your comments. The incident with the bakkie is definitely not something that we want a re-occurrence of and we will most certainly address it for the next Kingfisher. We get the permissions from the farmers to cross their properties and they accommodate us as best as they can, but sometimes (as your incident clearly indicates) the message does not get to all the farm personnel and they will drive where they are not suppose to. We are glad to hear that in spite of the incident you still enjoyed the race and hope to see you next year again.

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