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#BTTRS (Big Tree Trail Run Series) Frequently asked Q&A

We have received various questions about the Big Tree Trail Run Series and decided to create this post with all of them and will add if there are anymore.

Q1.       If you enter as a team, do you need to stick together the whole time & finish together?  

A1.        No need to stick together (your times will be combined to create a team time)

Q2.       What type of accommodation is included in the all-inclusive package – is it tents?  

A2.       The accommodation is the NMMU Campus (Saasveld) student accommodation (no students on campus that time of the year). Thus no tents, very safe and comfortable.

Q3.       There is choice between long & shorter distances over the 3 days – do you need to do either all 3 days long route or all 3 days short route, or can you mix it up, i.e. long route 1st day, then short route, then long route last day again?  

A3.        You can decide how you want to package your race, if you want to do a long route the one day and then a short one and then a long one again, it is up to you. Series prizes will go to the “longest distance over the shortest period of time”, i.e. you will most likely miss out on a series prize if you structure your race as mentioned above. Here is the detail of each day in regards to distance and elevation: Trail Route Information.

Q4.       Does the entry fee stay the same whether you choose to do long or short route?  

A4.        Entry fee remains the same. The cost and application fee to access Cape Nature, SANParks and Cape Pine remains the same whatever distance we run on their properties.

Q5.       Early Bird prices end 31 Oct – what will the prices be from Nov onwards?  

A5.      It will probably be about a 15% increase, as the costs for the medals and T-Shirts are going up as the manufactures are starting to close down for December.

Q6.       What does the race package include?


B&B Accommodation included (limited offer)
Team (2) package: 3 X Runs, 3 X Nights accommodation, 3 X Breakfasts, 3 X Dinners = R4000
Solo (1) package: 3 X Runs, 3 X Nights accommodation, 3 X Breakfasts, 3 X Dinners = R2200

Without accommmodation
Team (2) Run package: 3 X Runs = R1400
Solo (1) package: 3 X Runs = R750

On the day entrants: R300

Series entrants will get the following:
A different medal each day that combined convert into a series medal
T Shirt
Goody bag with extras
Medical support
Day entrance to specific SANParks, Cape Nature and Cape Pine reserves where runs are going through
Option to book massages (at own cost, but supplemented)
Workshop hosted by speakers from Vivo barefoot
All facilities at Saasveld that includes a swimming pool and braai areas

7 comments on “#BTTRS (Big Tree Trail Run Series) Frequently asked Q&A

  1. Walter Lutsch
    November 6, 2013

    What time will the race commence every day?

    • chaingangevents
      November 6, 2013

      Walter, we would like to have all the runners to be done each day at about 1PM latest, so we will start at 8AM.

  2. Geert De Decker
    November 11, 2013

    Could you please post route maps and profiles for the longer distances? Thanks

    • chaingangevents
      November 12, 2013

      Next week we will do the routes with the gps and upload the route profiles. Regards. Juan

  3. Karel
    November 29, 2013

    Hi Juan

    Do we need to carry our own water?


    • chaingangevents
      November 29, 2013

      Hi Karel, yes it is a trail run and therefore you need to carry your own water. Luckily with the good rains we had in the area their are lots of mountain streams with cold, clean water to drink along the routes. For instance I did the whole of the 1st day long route recce with only 250ml in my camelback. There was enough water to fill up the whole way. Regards. Juan

  4. Karel
    December 2, 2013

    Thanks Juan

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