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#FullMoonBeachRun – Registration and Race Information

Hello all Full Moon Beach Run runners!

Link to download INFO in PDF format.

By now you will have received a SMS notifying you of your race number. Here are a few more points for you to make things go that little bit more smoothly on Saturday.


Please see the map below.  We need all athletes to park in either the Lagoon SANParks parking area (Green Arrow on map) or the parking area in the village next to the village market.

Please refrain from trying to park at the NSRI, as it will be full of support vehicles and the mini buses transporting you to the start and you will block proceedings if you do try to park there. We will have a parking attendant on duty at the parking area to the west of the river.

Please don’t leave valuables in your car.  The race organizers and the landowners (SANParks) cannot accept liability for loss of private property.  Parking in front of Salinas restaurant is for Salinas clients only.  Please, this is private parking, do not park there.


Registration is at the Wilderness NSRI and starts at 16h00 and ends at 18h00 We have a cup of coffee for you to enjoy once you have registered, so please come early so that you have sufficient time.  The last mini bus leaves the registration area for the start at 18h00.

At registration you will be required to sign the event indemnity form, and you will be issued with a race number with pins with two perforated strips on the bottom of the number.  One of these two strips is to be used for your complimentary coffee at Registration.  The second perforated strip is for your refreshment at the finish.  The race number itself will get you a place on the mini bus to get to the start.  Please display your race number on your front (chest / abdomen).  No race number, no lift!

 What to take with you

This is your equipment checklist.  Please ensure that you have everything with you at all times while you are on the Full Moon Beach Run:

  • Working, charged, cell phone (in waterproof bag in case it rains)
  • Sufficient water / hydration
  • Snacks /trail food as you prefer (please, no littering on the route). Trail-runners only leave footprints behind!
  • Your own headlamp (test the batteries beforehand and if not sure replace with fresh ones)
  • Warm and preferably waterproof top / jacket
  • Adequate trail running footwear (quite a bit more exposed rocky areas open since last spring tide)
  • Space blanket
  • Whistle
  • Plasters / dressing for blisters / grazes


Once all athletes have arrived at the start (Swartvlei Beach), we will start the Full Moon Beach Run.  This will be at 18h45 / 19h00

Since the last Full Moon tide there was quite a few changes on the beach route. From the start, until 6.7km there is a LOT of rock and it isn’t really all that runable some of it, especially once you have gone around Gericke’s Point.

Once the rocks give way to sand, some of the places the beach is cambered with a soft sand level ‘shelf’ above the tidal area.  The other bits the beach is flat and runable with nice hard sand.

 Refreshment on the route

There will be one refreshment stop at 13 km (Kleinkranz) where you can top up your hydration pack / bottle for the remaining 6.5 km.  Water and bananas will be available here.

Cut-off (13 km)

There is a very generous cut-off at the Kleinkranz refreshment stop at 13 km.  From the start, you will be allowed 2 hours 30 minutes to get to Kleinkranz.  Any athlete not past this point after 2h30, will be taken off the route and transported to the finish at the Wilderness NSRI.  The final cut-off at the end is 3h30 after the start of the event.


You will finish at the Wilderness NSRI (where registration took place earlier in the day).  The beach will be lit so you won’t miss the finish.  If by some chance you do go past, you will reach the Touw River mouth about 100m further down the beach.  At the finish, your time will be taken, you will receive a medal and (using your second perforated strip) refreshing drink.

Good to know

The low tide on 16 November is at 21h10.  Starting approximately two hours before the low tide means that we will be running on the outgoing tide for most of the way (the faster runners will have an outgoing tide for the whole way).  Sunset is at 19h13 and last light at 19h40 approximately.  Moonrise on 16 November is at 18h12Please do remember your headlamp!  Please keep an eye on the weather forecast and ensure that you dress appropriately.

See You Saturday

2 comments on “#FullMoonBeachRun – Registration and Race Information

  1. Noreen
    November 14, 2013

    Sounds really organised and very exciting – well done – can”t wait to start Noreen

  2. Andre Krige
    November 16, 2013

    At least with all this rain the sandy areas should be nice and firm ! Looking forward to it !

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