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#XLakes Summer 2013 Registration and Final Admin

We hope your preparation has gone well and you are looking forward to X Lakes Summer 2013!

Here is some important information for the event and a few things you, and your back-up driver, need to take note of:

Late entries and Registration:

Please note, all athletes must sign an indemnity form (or parent guardian if under 18).

Friday 20 December 2013

Venue: Tappas (Thesen Island) Knysna

Time: 17h00 – 20h00

Saturday 21 December 2013

Venue: At the start at Touw River Mouth, Wilderness

Time: 05h00 – 06h30.

Race briefing:

All participants to be present:  At the start at 06h45.

Start: Touw River mouth, Wilderness at 07h00.

Park at the SANParks parking area just north of the N2 on the George side of the Touw River mouth.

Race Route Map Download

Back-up Driver maps and routes

Baywater Village Transition Point

Back-up drivers: (See above for details maps) The roadworks on the N2 in the Wilderness area are almost complete and there is no longer a stop / go in place. This is good news because it means that back-up drivers will be able to make use of the most efficient (time and distance) route between the transition points, this being the N2.  Please, no back-up drivers on the secondary roads.

From the start, back-up drivers follow the N2 to the Hoekwil turnoff where they will proceed to Transition 1 at Island Lake.

From Transition 1 back-up drivers must return to the N2 via the same route, and then turn left onto the N2 (in the direction of Sedgefield), until the turnoff to Transition 2 at Bay Water Village (located next to Pine Lake Marina).

Baywater Village has very little parking space and we ask all support crew to follow the instructions as per the “Baywater Village Transition Point” document. From Bay Water Village, return to the N2, travel through Sedgefield and take the Karatara turnoff opposite Groenvlei (on the Knysna side of Sedgefield), and follow this road until the next Karatara tunoff to the left.  Follow this road to the Hoogekraal River low water bridge Transition 3.  Please note that this is a gravel road and the cyclists will be travelling on this road too, so please take care.

From Transition 3, return to the N2 via the same route and continue towards Knysna.  Just before the White Bridge (as you enter Knysna), turn left at the Brenton turnoff, and continue straight (the Knysna estuary will be on your right), the tar toad will become gravel and then you will turn right to the Old Drift. This is the fourth and last Transition point.

From Transition 4, take the same route back to the N2 and follow the road to your left, into Knysna, and onwards to the end at Thesen Island where the finish is at Tapas.

Mid-race cut-off: This will be at Baywater Village at 12h00. During X Lakes Summer 2012 and X Lakes Winter 2013 all participants comfortably passed this transition point well ahead of the cut-off time.

Mountain bike sections: The routes will offer MTB riders a mixture of terrain, from single and jeep-tracks to sections of hardened road surfaces. The routes will be more technical than X Lakes Summer 2012 which was all hardened road.

Your compulsory safety equipment is:

  • Your helmet;
  • working cell phone;
  • puncture repair kit/ spare tube;
  • fluids to drink;
  • participant wrist band with emergency cell numbers.

Paddling sections: The three paddling sections remain the same as the previous X lakes events at present. We are looking at the Serpentine grass and reed problem and an alternative first leg might be announced at registration. Please be aware that conditions can change rapidly during the course of the day and you are encouraged to make use of a splash-cover for any craft which can take on water.

Your compulsory safety equipment is:

  • Your PFD;
  • working cell phone in waterproof housing;
  • fluids to drink;
  • whistle;
  • warm clothing in a dry-bag or rain jacket; and
  • participant wrist band with emergency cell numbers.

Please note: Participants using K1 paddling craft are required to have a minimum of 10 liters boat buoyancy.

Finish: Thesen Island, Knysna.

Points to consider:

  1. X Lakes Summer 2013 starts with a paddling section. Participants will have to run a short distance from the start line to their boats at the water edge. Be aware of this, and be prepared for a busy start in the water.  The mouth is currently open, so subject to great tidal fluctuations.  High tide is at 05h56 on 21 December.  This means that the water in the Touw and Serpentine Rivers (first paddle leg) should be quite high.  Still, there is quite a bit of reed about and a fixed-rudder may not be the fastest craft-option through this section.  If you plan to use two different types of paddling craft, one for the first section on the Touw /Serpentine and a different craft for the Swartvlei and Knysna sections, you may do so.  Please remember to mention this at registration so that we provide you with sufficient stickers for your paddling craft.  For some paddlers, the take-out point at Hoogekraal may be quite shallow when you get there since the next low tide is at 11h49.
  2. Please note that the transition point at the end of the first cycle leg is at Bay Water Village.
  3. If you are participating in a team and you haven’t yet submitted your partner’s details yet, please email . This will save time at registration.
  4. Please remember that all participants need to pass though registration to receive any last minute information, wrist bands etc, and sign the indemnity form.

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