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Spur High Schools Mountain Bike National Final 2016: Western & Southern Cape

For the Team Managers, riders and parents of Qualified High School Spur Teams & Western Cape Spur Schools Team

As we wrap up the last couple weeks of the 2016 Spur Schools Mountain Bike League season and move into National Final preparation, I would like to thank each and every person that has been involved this year.  Without the input, dedication and passion of each individual the League would not be the success that it is.  Looking back at each year and seeing how the participation and interest has grown, it is exciting to think where we’ll be at in the next couple of years.

In order to ensure that National Final preparations run smoothly, I ask that instructions are followed so that we avoid any confusion or miscommunication and that the necessary information be passed on.

I have attached 3 documents:

–        2016 National Final programme

–         National Final information (regarding accommodation, costs and how parents can book)

–       National Final Indemnity form (needs to be completed by each rider’s parent & handed in at registration by the team manager)

I will also email a Regionals Teams file to the Team Managers (Chaperones’ ) to complete

  1. It is important that all your team’s information is fully completed and submitted to me.  Making changes after the file has been sent to me becomes complicated so please ensure that all information is correct before sending it to me.
  2. Please ensure that that all riders are registered with a high school (no primary school riders) – no home school rider may participate either.
  3. No indemnity form, no riding – team’s indemnity form to be handed in at registration.
  4. Riders have to register and have a race board on their bike during course practice (no riding the course outside of course practice times).
  5. A helmet needs to be worn when on a bicycle – no exceptions.
  6. Accommodation / gala dinner for parents needs to be booked through Nerina via email.  Details can be found on the information letter.
  7. Chaperones are responsible for their team – the represented school will be responsible for any damage caused to Bekker HS property (please check luggage for crackers etc).  Also, any riders caught jeopardizing other rider’s down time will be dealt with accordingly event committee.


Your team will be allowed to send as per the below:


Outeniqua High School:  1x team of 6 riders + 1 chaperone (6 riders + 1 chaperone accommodation & gala evening will be paid for)

York High School:  1x team of 6 riders + 1 chaperone (6 riders + 1 chaperone accommodation & gala evening will be paid for)


Flights will be from George to OT Tambo on the following days:

Friday, 7 October 2016 (Flight number and time TBC)

Sunday, 9 October 2016 (Flight number and time TBC)

You’ll need to arrange your own bike boxes. Vickus (Coimbra Cycles) said that he has a few carton bike boxes available, but they are going quickly.  Bekker will arrange transport on the other side.

OWN COSTS (Selected for Western Cape Team, but not part of invited School):

Flights: R2000 per person (payment to be made to Amarider)

Accommodation & gala dinner:  R510 (payment to be made to Bekker HS – you will be invoiced by the Bekker HS)


Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.



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