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Kingfisher Challenge 2019 – Results & Photos

Dear Participant, Supporter, Marshal & Volunteer ,

To start off, I want to thank each and every one that made an effort to take part, supported, sponsored and worked on the event. One can plan and advertise an event, but people still need to pitch up to make it happen.

The 2019 Kingfisher must be one of the most challenging events that I’ve ever organized and one where I have to take it on the chin and make sure that the lessons learned are implemented. It also taught me the following lessons: The best plans can also derail; one can never have too much signage or route markers; marshals have to be coached all the time and equipment will fail when you least expect it. The two most outstanding things for me though was how my support team around me manage to still operate and made the best of the situation and also to be associated with the sport called mountain biking where the participants still smiled when they finish and manage to get a positive out of the experience. You are all winners in my book!

I will take all the above in consideration with the planning of the 2020 Kingfisher and hope you will support us again.

Here is the link to the results: Results Link

MTB photos: Photo Album Link

Trail Run Photos: Photo Album Link

Till next time


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