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Yeti Category

Yeti Logo FA-BlueThe simplicity of running has always been one of the main attractions of the sport for me. You put on your running shoes and off you go. The growth in trail running events has made it even more attractive with less rules and less dependent on support with the development of hydration packs and GPS watches to assist with navigation. The development of running shoes (trail and road) have also been significant and there are now so many options that shops have appointed consultants and developed gait measuring apparatus to assist with the decision-making process of buying running shoes and it has become a huge industry on its own.

The above has started to take away some of the “simplicity” of running for me and hence the introduction of “minimalist running”. I tried all kinds and brands of minimalist shoes or zero-drop shoes as they are more commonly known and without any exception, like them all and they improved my running style, as well as cured some of the running injuries I had from the past. During this experimental time I came in contact with Andrew Barnes, the founder, designer, creator and owner of T-Rocket Sandals. He provided me with a pair of his first running sandals about eight years ago and I was immediately very impressed. Currently I am running with his latest upgraded model (Yeti’s) and they are my “weapons of choice” whenever I go running.

To share my love of the minimalist running concept and also to encourage this format of running shoes to those runners (and I know it is not for everyone – we are all unique) that can make the shift from normal running shoes to minimalist shoes, I want to introduce the Yeti Category to all my trail running events in the future – starting with the upcoming Red Men Trail Run on the 4th of January 2019. The mountain bikers will know the Buffalo Category in where there is an added category for MTB’ers that are over 90kg to compete in and the Yeti Category will be similar for the minimalist runners . It will be an added category on the trail running events and depending on numbers I will give special recognition to these runners and (wink, wink) Andrew even promised prizes at some of the events, again depending on the numbers entering.


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