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Red Men Trail Run 2021 – Results & Photos

Dear Runner,

Thank you for your support for the 5th edition of the Red Men Trail Run. We had challenges, but we overcome them and from the feedback I received, most of you had a wonderful time in the mountains and on the trail.

There are 11 new Permanent Number members that completed their 3rd 12/18 Trail. Congratulations to:

  • Elize Kloppers
  • Sandra Lennox
  • Marian Marais
  • Bethan Philp
  • Emma Rorke
  • Michael Rorke
  • Peter Szeili
  • Barend van der Merwe
  • Tracey van Niekerk
  • Ruan Venter
  • Hendrika Zimmerman

From the original “San tribe” (members that have completed a 12/18 Trail since inception) there are only 5 left and we hope they will continue their trail-hunting streak. Congratulations to:

  • Eddie Mouton
  • Jacques Mouton
  • Gerhard Dyzel
  • Belinda Tull
  • Ariadne Van Zandbergen

The individual Time Trial times were combined for the final overall results. Congratulations to everyone that completed their distance. Please follow this link for the results: RESULTS. The two photographers of the day (Irma and Charl) have done an amazing job – no one looks tired on any of the photos 🙂 ! Please follow the links for the photos: Album 1 & Album 2

Happy Trails for 2021 and see you in 2022!

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