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Bergplaas MTB Challenge 2021


We are very excited to launch the 1st edition of the Bergplaas MTB and Trail Run Challenge, that will take place on Saturday, 10 April 2021.

Please show your support as this event forms part of the Eden XCM League and thus participants that want to be considered for the League, please ensure that you abide to the distance allocation for the categories. If you are not part of the league, just ensure that you are older than the minimum age for the distance and select the “Open” category.

We are a CSA sanctioned event and riders must therefore either have a current CSA Membership or License – if not you need to purchase a Temp Day License.

The Trail Run routes are on the farms and thus a very safe environment to come and enjoy with children.


DATE : Saturday, 10 April 2021
VENUE : The Flying Club on Mandalay Farm
TIME : 07h00-15h00
MTB | 15km | 28km | 40km | 70km |
TRAIL RUN | 5km | 10km |

Entry includes finishers medal, Darling Brew beer / colddrink and Hamburger!


Route & Profile Maps

(click on image for online map and route profile information)

editor-uploads%2F1617200187501-Trail-10km.png editor-uploads%2F1617200178299-Trail-5km.png editor-uploads%2F1617200142015-MTB-70km.png editor-uploads%2F1617199525119-MTB-40km.png editor-uploads%2F1617199532913-MTB-28km.png editor-uploads%2F1617199541643-MTB-15km.png
8:00am 8:00am 7:30am 7:30am 7:45am 7:45am



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