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Bergplaas MTB & Trail Challenge 2021 – Results & Pictures

The Bergplaas MTB & Trail Challenge was, for an inaugural event, a huge success. Covid-19 regulations and permit permissions during this time have made it a proper challenge and we were ecstatic to be able to host a 300+ attendance event.

Thank you to our venue host, Mandalay Farm, neighboring farmers, The Flying Club, our sponsors of the day:MBL, John Deere & Darling Brew, and all the service providers that were part of making the event a success. Then to the most important of all: Every participant that made the effort to come and join us and to be part of the event – we appreciate each and every one of you.

Bergplaas is notorious for “difficult” routes and each one of you are a winner in our books for just taking part. Please find below the results and also the link to the photo album on Facebook (pictures by Charl Gerber). Lastly, thank you to my crew – without you the event would not be possible.

Results Link

Photo Album Link


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