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SC Spur Schools MTB XCO League #1 (Ground Zero) – 22 May 2021

Many of us have fond memories of our last Southern Cape Spur MTB League event that took place at Ground Zero bike and trail park way back in 2019. It is now almost two years ago and we can not wait for our riders to give their best for their schools with their MTB skills. The league also had to make adjustments with the way it will be conducted this year as the Team Managers will let you know after the recent online meeting.

To keep it short and sweet, the main changes are as follow:

  • No Batch Starts – Riders will start individually in a Time Trial format (one after each other)
  • No Set amount of laps – Each category will be given a set “Time Slot” (which various from 25 – 60 Minutes) where riders can ride as many or few laps as they want, as ONLY THE FASTEST LAP COUNTS! (Like Formula 1 qualifying).
  • No Practice rounds (time) anymore – Since riders will now be able to use their allocated Time Slot to ride at the speed they want, the suggestion would be that the 1st and even 2nd lap will be used as warm-up and practice of the course and once that is done, to do a “Flyer” for a fast lap. Riders are even allowed to rest at the Tech Zone if they want, but keep in mind that the “allocated time slot” is the only time to register a fast lap.
  • Accessing and Leaving the track – The track will be accessed at the beginning of the Allocated Time Slot at the Start Chute. After the Time Trial Start the track will be left and accessed only via the Tech Zones till the conclusion of the specific Category Time Slot.
  • Permanent Numbers – The Bib number you receive will be your number for the rest of the 2021 Spur Season. It has a RFID timing tag at the back, so please do not tamper with it. If Team Managers will be collecting and storing numbers, it would be advisable to use a permanent pen to write the rider’s name at the back for easy identification for the next event – If a rider is riding with a number that was not allocated to him, he will be disqualified and his result and points nullified.
  • Preliminary Results – As there will not be an opportunity to view the preliminary Results at the venue – it will be updated regularly online at the following link: Preliminary Online Results

*****Please complete COVID-19 Online Questionnaire*****



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